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Have you ever considered visiting a space about clothing that would actually make you feel GOOD? About yourself, your body, your choices, the world around you...I know I heve been dreaming about this place for quite some time now....

An online destination where the love for textiles and garments meets the love for oneself and the others. Where equality and respect for one another and the environment become action and engagement. Sounds promising, no?

I decided to create this space myself. Being a proud feminist mother of a two year old daughter and a fashion lover at the same time, I felt obliged to share my vision of a feminist fashion. Because I happen to believe - and actually have researched as part of my studies - that the relationship of a woman with her outfit choices is not random nor meaningless. A woman can feel and act and perform dynamism and empowerment through her styling choices. Or not.

Traditional fashion media have been promoting unhealthy stereotypes which don't respect diversity. Fasfem wishes to contribute in changing that. Here we will feature brands and the  people behind them that respect equality. We will give space to creative, smart women to unfold their magnificent stories. We will follow simplification and sustainability in the way we encourage you to consume. In the way you could style your every day.

I am going to stop for now and let fasfem pages speak forthemselves and guide you to our journey into changing the fashion scene, even for a little bit.

 * picture above is from a Hollywood photoshoot inspired by 80’s postcards by Emma Craft. I chose this one because it gives me a sense of strong yet playful femininity. Emma ‘s universe is so satisfyingly inspiring, like a grownup lollipop store…

Concept and photography by Emma Craft

Styling and makeup by Lian Najarian

Assistant styling by Anthony O’ Baner

Modeled by Chloe

Bra stories

Bra stories