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Seven free

Seven free

I don’t like getting manicures. There I said it out loud…! I hate waiting at the salon, all those smells and unavoidable smalltalk. And don’t even get me started on the gel manicure procedure and all the toxicity that comes with it…

But I do appreciate the way my hands look after it. Since I am an avid cuticle destroyer, my nails look really transformed when pampered and painted. So what do I do? I try my manicures at home, by myself and with carefully chosen products.

Like this perfect sade of brown by J. Hannah. I came across it during my visit at Nanushka flagship store when in Budapest. Loved the intense coloured liquid as mush as the rectangular shaped bottle. And all this came with a seven free formula…which means without the following, known for their harmful effects :

  1. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

  2. Formaldehyde

  3. Toluene

  4. Formaldehyde resin

  5. Camphor

  6. Xylene

  7. Parabens

I was sold. And the bottle was sold to me as well! As I knew nothing about the brand, I sat down at the store café to google it while enjoying an espresso. I was surprised to see that J. Hannah is actually a jewelery brand and a very popular one in LA. They have created a small yet delicious collection of nail polishes with colours inspired by art and nature. One of their collaborations was with the artist Alyson Fox who dived her brushes into the nail polishes to create works of art - such an inspiring approach to communicate the launch of a new nail polish colour, don’t you agree?

While taking my last sip of coffee I browsed this at the brand’s site…it was like a puzzle game completed. I smiled and took off to enjoy the city.

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